8% of Dickens Heath children live in poverty

Blyth WP coverSo says a ward profile based on recently-released 2011 Census data about the area compiled by Solihull Observatory.

The figure was calculated using HM Customs and Revenue data from August 2010 relating to Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit.  However the figure is substantially below both the Solihull (15.8%) and England averages (23.3%).

The village is also technically the area in Solihull with the most overcrowding although this is apparently due to the influence of modern apartment design on the statistics.

However there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful!

The average life expectancy at birth in Blythe, the ward which includes Dickens Heath, is 84.3 years (84.8 for females, 84 for males) which is 5th highest in the Borough – although if you moved to Knowle you’d get an additional year and four months of old age to enjoy.

Achievement at primary and high school level is above the borough and UK average and we have the highest rates of employment and skills in the borough (which in itself has the amongst highest rates in the country)

We’re amongst the healthiest areas in the borough with the lowest levels of premature deaths in Solihull and the crime rate in Blythe fell by 17% in 2012 and is now at its lowest level in the last five years.

Check out the Blythe Ward Profile for more details and it’s also worth looking at how Solihull fares as a whole compared to the rest of the country in the Quick Statistics report.